Shivay heroically rescues Anika in Ishqbaaz


Anika asks Daksh to leave her. Anika stands in the waters and begs Daksh for her life. Daksh enjoys seeing her taking her last breath. Shivay reaches there and gets a big shock seeing Anika inside the glass water block.

He asks Daksh to leave Anika, as his real fight is with him. Daksh asks Shivay not to step close to Anika, else the water flow will get double. Daksh loves the sight of lovers getting separated. Shivay beats up Daksh. Daksh is happy even after getting beaten up, as he is assured that Anika will die. Shivay sees the water levels getting too high and Anika sinking. He leaves Daksh and rushes to save Anika. Shivay hits on the glass, and could not help her. Anika sinks while seeing Shivay. Shivay fears to lose her.

Poor Anika faints and dips inside the water. The sight gets painful for Shivay. He rushes and gets a metal rod to break the glass. Shivay hits on the block and breaks the glass. Anika falls out of the block in unconscious state. Daksh laughs as Shivay’s help reached Anika too late. He tells Shivay that Anika is dead, she has gone too far from Shivay. Shivay asks Daksh how did you touch Anika, she is my wife. Shivay vents out his anger on Daksh.

Shivay sees Anika’s state. He checks her pulse. He tries to fill will of life in her. He asks Anika to wake up, and talk to him, even if she has to scold him, argue or beat him. He asks Anika to just say something, any silly names, whatever she wants. He hugs Anika and shouts out.

Shivay realizes the bad blames he has forced on her. Shivay’s tear falls over her face. Anika gets conscious by his tear fall. He gets glad that she is alive and hugs her with tears of regret and repentance.

Shivay gets Anika home. He sits by her side till she wakes up. Anika wakes up. Shivay asks Anika is she fine. Anika is hurt by the argument happened. Shivay asks her to take prescribed medicines. He asks her to sleep in room, as she is unwell. Anika does not like to take his help, by recalling the humiliation. Anika goes out and sleeps. He feels sorry for his mistakes. He understands Anika’s annoyance is justified. Keep reading.


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