Kartik-Naira’s marriage news brings happiness in Yeh Rishta…

Kartik and Naira to unite

Everything is getting fine with Naira and Kartik’s marriage news. Kartik thanks Naitik for forgetting everything. Naira gets the good news by Gayu. Gayu tells Naira that Kartik’s family agreed for the relation.

Naira is tensed that she will have to leave the house. Naira dances with aggression as there are many things going on in her mind. Naira brings out emotions by her dance. Gayu asks Naira what is she doing. Naira is worried for family.

Gayu stops Naira and asks her not to be nervous, she can balance both the families well. Naira is in stress. Gayu and Mishti pacify Naira and support her. Gayu tells Naira that she is elder sister and now she will manage the family duties. She asks Naira to look ahead for a bright future with Kartik. Kartik and Naira’s relation gets fixed.

Kartik comes to meet Singhania house to thank everyone. Naira meets Kartik and asks him why did he hurried for marriage. Naitik takes Kartik’s side seeing Naira talking rudely with Kartik. Kartik finds it good that Naitik is taking his side. Naira argues with Kartik. Naira and Kartik laugh and ask the family not to worry, as they were practicing to argue like normal husband and wife. The family laughs hearing this. They all dance with Naira and Kartik. Gayu and Varsha tease Naira about the marriage date. Naira gets shy.

The family sings Sone chudiya, as Naira will be leaving from their home, and stepping in a new life. Naira and Kartik promise to be together all life. The marriage talks created problems between both families. Everyone is happy now and looking forward for Naira and Kartik’s marriage. Naitik gets emotional thinking Naira will be going away from family, while Naira misses Akshara in this big phase of her life.


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