Shivay close to win Anika’s apology in Ishqbaaz


Shivay shows belief on Anika. He argues with Pinky. He asks them not to take Daksh’s name in this house. He asks them to have breakfast and also makes Anika sit beside him for dining. Pinky feels insulted. She asks Shivay not to worry for her now. Shivay tries explaining Pinky.

Pinky does not believe Anika. She blames Anika to divide Shivay and her. Shivay clarifies that Anika is right, and does not state Pinky wrong. He asks Pinky to understand the matter for his sake. Pinky asks Shivay when did he change so much. Shivay does not let Pinky go and asks her to dine with them. Pinky is angered on Anika. He tries to get entire family together. He asks Anika to sit as well. Anika gets touched by his gesture. Shivay turns humble towards her.

Anika tries to do new work. She takes catering order to earn. Shivay stops her. He asks her to answer where is she going. She says I m going for work. He asks her not to go till they talk and solve the matter. She refuses. He does not let her go.

Anika does not listen to him. Both have tashan equally. Shivay blocks her way. She asks him to move from her way. He offers her lift. They start arguing. She asks him to move his car away, and threatens to break it. Shivay asks her why is she saying her dialogue. Anika goes and breaks his car windscreen, just like before. Shivay does not say anything, and instead likes her attitude this time. She gets surprised seeing Shivay smiling.

Khanna asks Anika to stand for a closeup, as he is making a video of Anika and Shivay. Shivay asks Khanna what do you make our videos, did you make our video on marriage day. Khanna says yes, I had to give it to Omkara and Rudra. He finds the video unique, Anika is showing attitude to Shivay, which no one else can do. Shivay is angry as Khanna exposed him in front of the family. Anika takes Khanna’s side as Khanna has got truth out. Shivay asks why is she taking Khanna’s side. She wishes she could break his ego. He is glad that she is talking to him. She wants to leave for her work. Shivay challenges her to leave and show. Anika challenges him to stop her if he can.


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