Shivika to undo Tia’s pressurizing drama in Ishqbaaz


Shivay asks Tia why did she not inform him of pregnancy and tried to commit suicide. Tia blames him for everything. Tia says you were treating me badly and I was not sure you will support me, so I did not inform you, I don’t exist for you after your marriage with Anika.

She tells she went to Lonavla for a break from stress, but Anika followed her. She asks why did he not call her to take her welfare. He tells that Anika was in big problem. She asks is it always about Anika, how can he keep her on hold. She says I feel you are happy with Anika and do not need me now. She asks why is he not happy that their baby is coming. He says they were not intimate, how can she get pregnant. Tia cries and asks him will she do fake pregnancy drama, is she so cheap to trap him. Tia asks him to believe her, else she will die.

Shivay consoles Tia. Tia sees Anika. She hugs Shivay and makes him promise that he will never leave her and coming baby. Shivay promises Tia. He asks Tia to take some rest. Shivay sees Anika and feels awkward. Tia passes taunts on Anika. She asks Anika what about the challenge. Tia assures Anika that Shivay will kick her out of his life now. Anika understands Tia is lying. Anika insults Tia for manipulating along with her mum. She challenges Tia that she will kick Tia out of Shivay’s life. Tia asks Anika to keep trying and failing. Tia pities Anika, while Anika warns her to be alert from now on. They have a clash.

Anika asks Shivay to believe her. She says Tia is fooling you, I know she is married, it’s totally true, Tia is trapping him in the pregnancy matter. She tells she is sure it’s not Shivay’s child, Tia is framing him and she will expose Tia’s lie. She asks Shivay to scold her, but not stop her this time. Shivay does not scold Shivay. She asks are you fine, you did not ask me to shut up. He says even I feel Tia is lying, it’s not my child, Tia told a wrong story, I don’t remember anything, do what you want, I m with you, we will find out truth together. Anika gets surprised. Anika was expecting him to fight with her, but Shivay agrees with her.

Shivay does not understand why Tia is lying. He says I know Tia, she never lies. Anika tells him that Tia always lies, maybe he is unaware of it. He finds a way to find out if the child belongs to him. He gets idea of DNA test. He feels Tia will feel bad if he tells her, but its important. Anika asks him to go ahead and bring truth out. Tia calls a doctor to prove to Shivay that the child belongs to him. She states Anika is making him against her. She decides to do DNA test herself. She asks Shivay to give blood sample for DNA tests. She hopes Shivay believes her. Shivay agrees for the DNA tests. Tia and her mum bribed the doctor to produce fake DNA reports. Doctor tells them he will give reports tomorrow. Shivay gets in much tension when the reports come positive. Shivay can’t believe that child belongs to him. Tia creates more pressure on Shivay for accepting the baby.


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