Chakor’s big sacrifice to save Suraj next in Udaan


Bhaiya ji has shot Kasturi, after threatening Chakor to know Suraj’s whereabouts. Chakor manages to save Bhuvan and breaks the ropes. She takes her parents back to village home. Meanwhile, Suraj decides to go back to haveli.

Chakor does not want him to come back. She gets Suraj’s call. She is worried and asks Suraj not to come. Kasturi is shot by Bhaiya ji. Chagan informs Suraj that Bhaiya ji has asked Chakor to tell your address, Chakor did not say anything and Bhaiya ji has shot Kasturi. Suraj gets a big shock. Chakor asks Suraj to go back and not spoil her efforts. She says Kasturi has given big sacrifice for him, and if he comes back now, she will never see her face. Kasturi is critical. Chagan blames Suraj and holds him responsible for Kasturi’s state. Suraj has tortured villagers in the past. Chakor knows Suraj has changed into good, but villagers do not know this. Chagan argues with Chakor and asks her to give Suraj to Bhaiya ji. Chakor is angry on Suraj and asks him not to ruin her plan to protect him.


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