Shivanya secures Rocky’s life from Naagin’s enemies


Shivangi has kept Karwachauth fast for Rocky. Rocky breaks her fast. Shivangi has tearful eyes. She does all the rituals. Shivangi gets a protective locket for him. There is a twist in the tale.

Rocky is worried thinking why Shivangi stays away, and why Rudra comes in their life. He tells Shivangi that he will not let her go out of the house. He says I will keep you in front of eyes all the time, as you don’t want to give me divorce. Shivangi has feelings for Rocky, as she knows Rocky did not kill Shivangi. Rocky is hurt knowing Shivangi wants to kill him. He is annoyed with her. Rocky was trying to win her heart. Shivangi knows his innocence and is putting efforts. Shivangi had to give locket to Rocky so that he stays safe. Shivangi does the Karwachauth puja and gets the gift for Rocky. Shivangi has to win Rocky’s heart this time. Shivangi will be tackling Kapalika now. Keep reading.


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