Mauritius track to bring new twists in Beyhadh


There is Mauritius track in the show. Maya, Arjun and Saanjh have a love triangle. Saanjh sees Arjun and Maya hugging and cries. Maya loves Arjun. Arjun is also trapped in Maya’s beauty. Arjun is also falling in love with Maya. Arjun and Maya sail in the boat.

Saanjh sees her love going away and shouts Arjun. Saanjh cries and gets angry. Saanjh is lost and walks on the roads with tears in her eyes. Saanjh realizes Arjun will never become hers now. The real drama will begin now. Maya, Arjun and Saanjh’s lives will change now. Arjun calls Maya on an island. He goes on another island and looks for Maya. Maya gets angry knowing this and slaps her assistant.

Maya fears for Arjun’s life and reaches the island. She scolds Arjun and beats Arjun to confess her love. She tells Arjun to value his life, as he is her life. She says nothing can happen to you, as you are mine. Arjun lands on the submerging island and falls in trouble. The boat leaves. Maya and Arjun spend time together. Later, Maya and Arjun leave for long drive. Arjun does not love Saanjh and Maya. Arjun will now fall for Maya. Saanjh visits temple and prays for her broken heart. She wishes she gets her love back. There will be big changes in the trio’s lives. Keep reading.


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