Rocky’s vulnerable state shatters Shivangi and Sesha in Naagin 2


Shivangi and Rudra follow the last member of Yamini’s group. They do not get to see the murderer’s face, as the person is hiding the mask. The masked guy attacked on Shivangi before also. Shivangi was saved.

Rudra provokes Shivangi against Rocky and asks her not to fall in love, as love is a curse for Naagin. He asks her to decide, if she wants her love or revenge. Rudra is supporting Shivangi. He does not want Shivangi to get diverted from her aim.

The next track will show Rocky’s accident. Rocky is injured and hospitalized. Shivangi cries and talks to Rocky, asking him to open eyes and talk to her. Shivangi has lost Shivanya and does not want to lose Rocky. Rocky survives. Yamini comes to scare Shivangi. She tells Shivangi that if you want to see Rocky fine and alive, then you have one way, you can use Naagmani which can save Rocky’s life. Shivangi agrees to do this for Rocky. Sesha cries seeing Rocky and wants Rocky to be fine. Sesha does not care for Naagmani and cares for Rocky.



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