Rocky’s life in danger; Yamini hunts for Naagmani


Shivangi gets shocked after realizing her husband’s life is in danger. Shivangi gets visuals of Rocky being in trouble. She takes help of Rudra and Guru ji to know truth. She meets them and asks about Rocky. Rocky meets with an accident.

Rocky’s life is in danger, as per Shivangi’s doubt. Rudra and Guru ji try to explain Shivangi, that Yamini planned Rocky’s accident, as Yamini wants to reach Naagmani by using Rocky. Rudra says Yamini is taking advantage of Shivangi’s emotions. He asks Shivangi not to break down, as Naagmani and revenge motives are important to them. Shivangi is falling in love with Rocky. He asks her to choose husband or revenge. He promises to he will support her till the end of the fight if she chooses revenge. Shivangi chooses revenge along with Rocky. What will Shivangi do now? Keep reading.


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