Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naksh returns to Singhania family. He has come back after six months. He is sorrowful to lose Akshara. He has come at the time of Naira and Kartik’s marriage. Naksh unhappily accepts the shocking reality that Akshara is no more.

Singhanias do not know about Kartik’s truth. Kartik tells Singhanias that he will keep Naira in the new flat, and not with Goenka family. This upsets Kartik’s Dadi. Dadi blames Naira for breaking Kartik from them. Kartik tells Naira about the truth that he has left home many years ago, and now he has realized that he can’t stay with Goenka family. He says I have seen them lying to me again, I know Naira will be happy with family, but I don’t want to keep terms with Goenkas.


Mona tells Kokila that Gopi is not opening her room and keeping on crying. She does not know the matter. Kokila goes to meet Gopi. Kokila misunderstands Jaggi. Kokila feels Jaggi misbehaved with Gopi and beats him with the stick.

Kokila is angry on Jaggi. She says I thought Jaggi is selfless and pure hearted, but Jaggi turned out to be bad man. She asks Jaggi why did he harm Gopi, when she thought he will always protect Gopi. Urvashi asks Jaggi to tell them what is the matter, why is Kokila taunting him so badly. Jaggi tries to explain he did not do anything. Urvashi stops Kokila and defends Jaggi.


Asha/Aisha has died. Dayavanti has killed Aisha. Avni does the final rites of Aisha and puts spoil on her funeral. Aisha gave birth to her second child. Avni gets too emotional and takes up the responsibility of her little brother. She promises Aisha that she will always keep her in her heart and raise her little brother, to keep Aisha alive with them. Avni realizes Aisha will never return to them. She breaks down. Avni hugs her brother. Fatima supports Avni in her new struggles.


Raghav and Naina have come on a romantic date. They are coming close. Naina has forgiven Raghav, after she realized Raghav is not so bad. She has revived the friendship with Raghav.

Naina feels Raghav loves Mehra family, and no one cares for him, so she should be with him always by his side as a friend. Naina arranges the cupboard and few greetings and anklet falls down. She realizes Raghav has kept the greetings and anklet for Sanjana. Naina gets upset knowing Raghav’s love for Sanjana. Raghav was very much in love with Sanjana, but now he has moved on. Naina gets irritated and upset with Raghav. Naina’s heart broke again. Naina does not tell anything to Raghav and is jealous about Sanjana. Naina feels she does not have rights over Raghav, and thinks he can keep anything related to Sanjana, she should not be bothered.


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