Gaura starts scheming against Modis in Saathiya…


Gopi gets angry seeing Jaggi sleeping beside him. Jaggi asks her to calm down. Gopi blames him for misbehaving with her. Gopi tells Jaggi that no one can take Ahem’s place in her heart.

Jaggi asks Gopi not to deny the truth that she is his wife. Jaggi dances to end Gopi’s annoyance. Gopi did not get forgiveness. The kids come to talk to Jaggi. Jaggi gets sad and sleeps outside the room. Meanwhile, Dharam tells Shravan about his childhood. Meera and Vidya are happy. The family is happy. Meera is waiting for the babies. Gaura is playing game. She talks to Manoj and had made him run away. She asks him to pack his bags and leave from city, police and Modi family are after them. She makes plans to ruin Modis.


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