Sanchi and Aryan’s cute meetings in Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka


Sanchi comes to meet Aryan. She throws stones in balcony. Aryan and his dad come out to see who has thrown stones. Aryan was not answering her calls. He sees Sanchi and worries. He asks his dad to come, there is no one.

Uncle gets glad seeing them, and says you both are risking relation to do things which elders should do. He praises them and says universe is with the true lovers. Sanchi beats Aryan and asks do you know what I went through, when you messaged about family finding other girl for you. She says I was too tensed and called you many times, why did you not answer, it means you are dreaming to marry again, you are forgetting me. Aryan explains Sanchi that he can’t think of second marriage. They have a romantic moment. He makes her feel special. Keep reading.


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