Shivay manages to stop Anika by tricking Tia in Ishqbaaz


Shivay makes Anika sign the divorce papers. Anika packs her bags. She tells him that she is leaving forever. Shivay does not stop her and asks her to leave. He is worried for Omkara. Anika asks why is he doing this suddenly, when he was doubting Tia and the child truth.

Anika says it seems you want to get rid of me, what’s the reason for this big change, you are like a maze in which I got trapped, I could not make any right opinion about you till now, whenever I feel I understand you, you make me doubt my opinion, you do something that changes our equations again, you create such situation to make me leave when I feel you will stop me, you can tell me what is in your heart. She asks Shivay to say what is the reason for the big change, say just any way. She wants an answer from Shivay.


Shivay has no answer this time, as it is related to Omkara. Anika gets ready to leave the house. Pinky is very glad to see Anika leaving. Dadi regrets for Shivay’s step and feels he is losing Anika by sending her. Shivay meets Anika while she is leaving. Anika expects him to say something. Shivay does not stop her. Anika gets Sahil along.

Tia pities Anika and taunts her for leaving so early. She gives a farewell gift to Anika. Anika gets a brand new slippers of her choice. Tia slaps Anika verbally by gifting her slippers. Anika could not say anything. Soumya asks Anika how will she leave. Anika is hurt as Shivay is not stopping her.

She gets leaving along with Sahil. Shivay calls her out. He asks her not to show attitude. He wishes she understands his sign and stops. Anika leaves from Oberoi mansion. She recalls Shivay’s words. She wonders if he told that to stop her, as she has asked him to say directly or indirectly, whatever the reason is breaking their relation.

Anika understands that Shivay has told that to stop her in his way. Anika comes back home, which makes Shivay glad. Dadi gets pleasantly surprised seeing Anika back. Shivay and Anika share their unique bond. She tells him that she will not show any attitude now. Tia asks why did you come again. Anika says I m not leaving, I will stay in this house as I m this house’s bahu even now, divorce did not happen yet, there are six months for divorce to happen. She says I m Oberoi’s bahu and I will not leave my house. Shivay and Dadi get glad with Anika’s stay back. Tia gets angry to take revenge.


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