Simmi refuses Gaurav’s proposal in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ruhi cries and tells Suhail that Raman and Romi got the dead body, and that’s the dead body of the blackmailer. Ruhi and Suhail met blackmailer and deleted the video from his phone.

She says I can’t tell Raman that we have met blackmailer and I could not say that is really the blackmailer. Suhail says we are safe, I have deleted the MMS, trust me, nothing will happen, Raman will get free. On the other hand, Gaurav proposes Simmi for marriage. He meets Simmi at cafe and asks him for the reply to his proposal. Simmi’s life got someone caring and loving after a long time. Simmi says I m divorced and alone, it does not mean I marry, I m self-sufficient and content, I m focused on career and I m happy with Ananya. She refuses to Gaurav’s proposal as Simmi knows Ananya is attached to her father Parmeet. Simmi has taken this decision for Ananya’s sake. Gaurav will try to convince Simmi for marriage.


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