Udaan: Bhaiya ji to kill Chakor


Chakor is much worried as Suraj is missing. Villagers have refused to help Chakor. Chakor asks Vivaan and Imli to help her.

Chakor does not want to have food. She thinks if Suraj reached the place safely or not. Imli feeds her food. Imli tells Chakor and Vivaan that its their birthday tomorrow. She says you both can forget, but I can’t. She wishes them birthday greetings in advance. Vivaan and Imli ask Chakor not to worry. Villagers don’t like Chakor and asks her not to risk her life as Suraj is not good. Imli tells villagers that Suraj has changed. Chakor is in dilemma, and tries to explain villagers. Bhaiya ji tells Chakor that her birthday will become the last day of her life. Chakor says Suraj will not let me die. Suraj comes back to haveli to save Chakor. Will Suraj be able to save Chakor? Keep reading.


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