Ishqbaaz- Shivika’s divorce


Anika-Shivay and Soumya-Rudra will have some sweet nok jhok and romance. Soumya tells Rudra to see love in Shivay and Anika’s fight. Shivay hears them and stops Anika to make her hear Rudra and Soumya’s stupid discussion.

Soumya had eaten Rudra’s food. Rudra argues with Soumya. Soumya stumbles on the stairs and Rudra holds her. When Shivay hears Soumya and Rudra giving his example, Shivay thinks does he really do such things. Shivay and Anika argue. Soumya falls in Rudra’s arms, while Shivay-Anika have eye talks. Shivay does not let Anika go and holds her close, asking her not to talk. They have an eyelock. The love stories started and progressing in Oberoi house.

Later on, Mrs. Kapoor will pressurize Shivay to give divorce to Anika, to keep Omkara’s illegitimate birth secret under wraps. Shivay asks Anika for divorce, and hides Omkara’s matter from her. Anika and Shivay sign on the divorce papers. What will Kapoor sisters do next? Keep reading.


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