Birthday surprises and twists lined up for Chakor in Udaan


Bhaiya ji is angry as Suraj is missing. He says whatever I plan stays incomplete, no work gets completed on time. He is fed up by losing again and again. His inner self laughs on him. Bhaiya ji goes mad and shouts I m Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi and none can win over me.

Bhaiya ji gets to know about Chakor’s birthday and wants to give her a gift, by giving her death. Its his unique plan to solve his problems by killing Chakor. He is frustrated and wants to play game with Chakor for the final time. Chakor’s birthday brings happiness for her, when Suraj organizes a treasure hunt for Chakor. Suraj is not with Chakor, and left notes for her to make her follow the notes and get the gift. Chakor has sent Suraj away. She gets the notes and is very excited to know where are the gifts. She gets the final clue about the gift and checks cupboard.

She gets a wonderful trophy and encouraging letter from Suraj. She is very happy and did not know Suraj will leave a gift for her. She does not know Suraj will come back or not, but she tells Bhaiya ji that Suraj will not let her die. Tejaswini is ready to risk his life for Chakor, as Chakor has saved her and Suraj’s lives till now. Tejaswini asks Kasturi not to worry, as she will become Chakor’s shield in Suraj’s absence. Bhaiya ji aims gun at Chakor, while Suraj makes an entry in haveli to save Chakor. How will Suraj and Chakor face Bhaiya ji’s wrath now? Keep reading.


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