Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Thapki Pyaar Ki: Bihaan is shocked seeing Kabir and Thapki’s pictures. He asks Thapki how much will she lie. Thapki cries and says you are mistaken. He says I got cheated by you again and again.

Bihaan and Thapki have misunderstanding twist. Bihaan’s heart broke. He feels he has lost everything in his life by losing Thapki. He does not know what to do now, and feels he can never get his Thapki back. Bihaan fills sindoor in Sankara’s maang and makes her wear mangalsutra. He was angry and wanted to take revenge from Thapki. He asks Thapki how can she cheat him, when he regarded only her as his love.


Tanuja is sad, as she can’t see Rishi marrying Malaika. Tanuja sheds cries and is in pain. Rano has cheated Tanuja. She taunts Tanuja and insults her. This time, Tanuja gives an answer back to Rano.

Rano says I m doing good for my son, and Lord will say who is doing justice. Rishi and Tanuja will not get separated. Raj is making Rishi fool Malaika. Raj, Tanuja and Rishi are doing this marriage drama to expose Malaika. Rishi has given his property to Malaika before marriage, and wants to see if she runs away with the property. Malaika is very happy and did not expect all this to happen so soon.


Sharda’s dream of Meghna’s marriage is getting fulfilled. Meghna tells Sharda that she will wear Sharda’s bridal lahenga in her engagement. Her inlaws get a designer outfit for Meghna, asking her to wear in engagement. Meghna falls in dilemma over the fake status show and real emotions.

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Bhaiya ji is angry as Suraj is missing. He says whatever I plan stays incomplete, no work gets completed on time. He is fed up by losing again and again. His inner self laughs on him.

Bhaiya ji goes mad and shouts I m Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi and none can win over me. Bhaiya ji gets to know about Chakor’s birthday and wants to give her a gift, by giving her death. Its his unique plan to solve his problems by killing Chakor. He is frustrated and wants to play game with Chakor for the final time. Chakor’s birthday brings happiness for her, when Suraj organizes a treasure hunt for Chakor. Suraj is not with Chakor, and left notes for her to make her follow the notes and get the gift. Chakor has sent Suraj away. She gets the notes and is very excited to know where are the gifts. She gets the final clue about the gift and checks cupboard.


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