Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira’s Roka and engagement is happening. Dadi is worried for the abshagun happening. Naksh hugs Kartik. Singhanias get welcomed by Kartik. Naksh also forgot all the annoyances of the past.

Naksh is happy for Kartik and Naira. The Tilak rasam starts. The families meet and have a good bond. Someone comes there, which makes Dadi angry. The man gets dressed in black color. Dadi scolds the man for doing abshagun and makes him leave from the tilak. Kartik makes excuse and wants to see Naira once. Kartik finally sees Naira, and is very happy. Kartik and Naira will get engaged. Naira hopes that their jodi is like Naitik and Akshara.

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Anika is crying and feels Tia and Shwetlana can injure Shivay. Shivay is worried for the house security breach. He thinks the security has loop holes and that’s why things are getting wrong.

Anika asks Shivay why is he not listening, his life is in risk. Shivay tells Anika that Tej’s accident and asks her to calm down. Omkara and Tej argue over the business. Omkara says I m not interested in your business. Tej goes to slap Omkara. Jhanvi tells Tej that he has made Omkara helpless to argue. Someone breaks the glass and throws in Shivay’s way. Anika sees the glass and worries, that Shivay could have got hurt.

Shivay is angry and worries for Tej, while Anika is tensed for Shivay. She gets into an argument for Shivay, as he is not valuing his life. Shivay goes and stops Omkara from leaving the house. Omkara does not want to marry as per Tej’s plan. Omkara stays back in home on Shivay’s saying. Om is annoyed with Tej for unwanted marriage. He tells Tej that he will not agree to Tej. Jhanvi asks Tej not to misbehave with Omkara. Omkara wants to lead his life independently, apart from Oberoi surname.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ruhi has gained courage to meet the blackmailer. Suhail accompanies her. Ruhi has come to give money to blackmailer. The blackmailer acts evil and tells Ruhi that he will kidnap her to always keep her with him.

Ruhi gets terrified. Suhail comes there and beats the blackmailer. Ruhi runs from there. The blackmailer tries to catch her. Suhail saves Ruhi. The blackmailer gets shot by Suhail. Suhail and Ruhi did not mean to kill the blackmailer. Suhail killed the blackmailer to save Ruhi. Ruhi does not know how did this happen, as she had fainted. When she gets conscious, she sees Suhail cleaning the murder weapon. Suhail consoles Ruhi that your problem ended forever.


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