Shocking: Ruhi and Suhail behind blackmailer’s murder in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ruhi has gained courage to meet the blackmailer. Suhail accompanies her. Ruhi has come to give money to blackmailer. The blackmailer acts evil and tells Ruhi that he will kidnap her to always keep her with him.

Ruhi gets terrified. Suhail comes there and beats the blackmailer. Ruhi runs from there. The blackmailer tries to catch her. Suhail saves Ruhi. The blackmailer gets shot by Suhail. Suhail and Ruhi did not mean to kill the blackmailer. Suhail killed the blackmailer to save Ruhi. Ruhi does not know how did this happen, as she had fainted. When she gets conscious, she sees Suhail cleaning the murder weapon. Suhail consoles Ruhi that your problem ended forever.

But, Ruhi is worried and cries that Suhail did a murder. Suhail and Ruhi try to manage hiding the murder crime. Suhail takes the money bag and makes Ruhi sit in the car. Suhail and Ruhi leave. On the other hand, Adi’s friends invite Aaliya in a party. Adi and Aaliya had fought before. Adi and Aaliya meet in the party and feel awkward to face each other after so many fights. Adi and Ruhi are in different problems. How will Raman and Ishita manage everything? Keep reading.


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