Chakor’s life falls in big danger in Udaan


Suraj has made Imli implement treasure hunt idea. Chakor reaches the tree and sees many gift boxes hanging to the trees. She realizes the gifts are equal to her age in number. Chakor jumps and takes every box one by one.

Chakor gets many notes and gets emotional by Suraj’s feelings for her. Chakor reads notes and happily cries. Imli is also happy for Chakor. Chakor gets sweet gifts from Suraj. Chakor and Imli are not aware that one of the box has bomb planted by Bhaiya ji. Tejaswini rushes to Chakor and asks her not to open the box, as it has a bomb kept by Bhaiya ji. Chakor asks how can it be possible, as Suraj has sent the gifts for me. Bhaiya ji has cleverly hidden the bomb. Chakor and Imli check every box to find out the bomb, but do not find it. They think maybe Tejaswini is mistaken. Chakor wants to take all gift boxes home. Tejaswini worries for Chakor’s life.


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