Huge shocks for Gopi and Meera next in Saathiya


Gaura wears hood and enters Modi house. She keeps plant and sprays medicine on it to make Jaggi and Gopi faint. She makes Gopi and Jaggi sleep together. Gopi gets shocked seeing Jaggi and scolds him. Gopi feels unwell and goes to meet doctor.

Doctor says Mrs. Gopi, you are pregnant. Gopi gets her pregnancy news by the doctor and is super shocked. Doctor says pregnancy in this age is risky for her and her baby also. Gopi is angered on the happenings. Gaura lies to Meera and Vidya that she is praying to Devimaa. Gaura is great in doing drama.


Gopi is troubled by pregnancy drama, and Meera is troubled by Sautan Chanda. Chanda asks Meera to leave the house. She keeps the condition to leave house if she wants babies. Chanda wants to stay with Dharam. Meera decides to leave house, as babies need Chanda. Chanda has married Dharam. Meera is sacrificing her love as she madly loves the babies. Meera does not know Gaura’s plan. Gaura is scared that her secret can come out by Chanda. She asks Meera to plan and make Chanda leave by teaching her a big lesson.

Meera asks Chanda to promise that she will not hurt Priyal and babies. Meera does not know Gaura has got Chanda back. Gaura becomes Meera’s support in front of Meera. Gaura scolds Chanda and asks not to double cross her. Chanda thinks to expose Gaura, and tell her truth to Meera and Vidya. She thinks Gaura did not leave her own children, what will she do of me. Will Chanda bring out Gaura’s truth? Keep reading.


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