Bhaiya ji and Ragini’s clashes upon failures begin in Udaan


Bhaiya ji has failed to know Suraj’s whereabouts. Chakor is adamant to secure Suraj. Even when Kasturi gets shot by Bhaiya ji, Chakor does not break down. Chakor and Imli free their parents, and take wounded Kasturi to their home.

Ragini fumes as Bhaiya ji’s plan did not succeed. Bhaiya ji asks Ragini to calm down, he has thought well. Ragini asks Bhaiya ji how can he leave Tejaswini, why did he shoot Kasturi, Chakor did not speak up, is there any use. She says I think you got mad.


Bhaiya ji shouts on her and asks do you think I m not smart, I m your father, mind your tongue and talk, if you think you are smarter, you go and find Suraj, then I will agree you are smart. Ragini asks do you think I m not smart, I knew you will make mistake, I made plan and I will catch Suraj. He says you can’t do anything, do and show. She says I will show you and then say how I did this. She swears on him that she will get Suraj in his feet. Ragini is angered as Bhaiya ji did not get successful to get Suraj. They have an argument. Tejaswini tells Girja that she will give her life to save Chakor and Suraj.


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