Shivay-Anika and their sweet nothings in Ishqbaaz


Tia finds Anika’s fate good that Shivay saved her. Shwetlana feels their fate is lucky that they did not get caught. Romi and Shwetlana asks Tia to understand and not take any risk, else their plan will fail, today Rudra was nearly seeing Romi.

Shwetlana tells her plan to her sister, that whatever will happen will not be seen by anyone this time. They vow to ruin Oberois.

Anika tries to recall how did she fall inside the fridge. Rudra asks Anika why did she hide inside fridge. She does not figure out the strange thing. Anika tells Dadi that she had drunk tea and then fell unconscious. She wonders if Tia has done all this. Dadi asks Anika to forget it but be careful again. She asks her not to do mischief that could risk her life.

Soumya and Rudra argue over Anika and Shivay’s relation. Rudra supports Shivay, while Soumya supports Anika. She says there is logic behind everything, we girls take risk when we are confident that our prince charming will save us. Shivay hears Soumya and Rudra’s conversation. Soumya tells how Shivay saved Anika by taking her in arms. She calls Shivay romantic. Rudra does not agree and says Shivay was much tensed at that time. Soumya explains what romance means, to care for each other.

Shivay sees Anika passing by and stops her, asking her to listen to Soumya and Rudra. Rudra asks do you also want any prince charming to save you. Soumya says yes, I m strong, but I want a prince charming who can protect me, the feeling is romantic and special. She wants someone who stands with her always in all problems and sorrows. Rudra tells Soumya that he can save her from all problems, but he can’t lift her as she is overweight. Soumya slips and falls in Rudra’s arms. Shivay and Anika hear their nok jhok.

Rudra and Soumya have their first totally musical romantic moment. Shivay holds Anika close and does not let her go. Anika asks Shivay what is he doing. Shivay asks her to go, as he did not stop her. Shivay teases Anika by not saying what she wants to hear. Anika feels shy and runs away.

Tia goes to Shivay and tries to get cozy to him. She tells about the stress she is facing and asks him to give her some mental stress relieve. Shivay makes work excuse. Even then, Tia acts shameless and does not listen. Anika steps inside the room on right time to stop Tia. Shivay and Anika’s romance and sweet nothings will begin shortly. Keep reading.


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