Chakor fails Bhaiya ji’s deadly plan in Udaan


Chakor gets to know about Bhaiya ji planting bomb to ruin the village. Chakor and Vivaan were cutting cake for their birthday and happily celebrating their birthday.

Bhaiya ji comes there and feeds cake to Chakor. He spreads annoyance in the air. Bhaiya ji tells Chakor that he got a gift for her. Chakor gets alert. She does not get the bomb in the gift and is worried, hiding the matter from everyone so that Bhaiya ji does not succeed in ruining their happiness. Bhaiya ji aims to kill Chakor.

Chakor sees Bhaiya ji giving a gift to a little kid. Chakor doubts on the gift and checks it. The villagers do not know about Bhaiya ji’s plan. Chakor gets the bomb in the gift. She handcuffs Bhaiya ji with the car and takes the bomb to him to scare him. Bhaiya ji asks her to leave him and gets worried for his life. Chakor then takes the bomb and runs from the village. The villagers get shocked seeing this and run after Chakor. Marathon runner Chakor takes the bomb far and throws it, to save herself and entire village. Chakor saves everyone’s lives.


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