Tia’s true intentions to kill Shivay surface in Ishqbaaz


Some guys make Priyanka’s MMS. Randhawa catches them and beats them up angrily. Randhawa breaks the phone. Later, Priyanka feels someone is following her. The guys tease Priyanka and catch her far from the camp. Priyanka panics.

One of the guys Abhishek admits that he has made her MMS. He asks why did she send her boyfriend to beat them up. The guys try to molest Priyanka. Randhawa makes an entry again to rescue Priyanka. Randhawa asks the guys who will save them now. Randhawa scolds them and beats them up again. Randhawa secures Priyanka’s respect. He covers up with her dupatta. Priyanka thanks Randhawa. Randhawa gets over protective about Priyanka.

On the contrary, Kapoor sisters are upto some plan again. Anika hears Tia talking on phone and gets doubtful. She keeps an eye on Tia. Servant asks Anika is she fine now, as she fainted after drinking the tea. Anika says I m fine. She sees Tia leaving from home and follows her. Tia tells Shwetlana that Anika is following her, and Shivay is alone in room at the right point where they can execute their plan. Servant goes to attack Shivay.

Anika finds Tia in the outhouse. Anika asks her what is she doing here. Tia says you have no right to ask me, as this is not your bedroom. Servant breaks the glass by the corners using lasers. Anika asks Tia what are her plans. Tia gets angry by Anika’s humiliating words. Anika asks her how can she break Shivay’s trust knowing Shivay’s goodness. She asks Tia not to think bad for Shivay. Tia finds Anika obsessed about Shivay. She says Shivay does not mean anything to me, I m not aiming to get Shivay, but something else via him.

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Shivay gets busy on a call. Tia tells Anika that she is Shivay’s wife in the world’s eyes and now she will get everything for her child, even if Shivay dies. Anika gets shocked knowing Tia is attempting to kill Shivay. Tia shows her true face to Anika. Tia is sure Anika can never find out her true intentions and motives. Anika gets more doubtful and tries to figure out Tia’s plans by her words. Tia says I don’t care if Shivay lives or not. Anika worries that Shivay’s life is in danger. She calls up Shivay to alert him. Shivay gets Anika’s call and goes to attend. The glass wall falls over Shivay’s side. Anika gets a shocked hearing the glass sound and rushes to see him. Will Anika be able to save Shivay? Keep reading.


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