Gopi and Jaggi to tackle new issues in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Kokila apologizes to Jaggi and is sure that everything will get fine now. Kokila is seeing Ahem in Jaggi. She is being caring towards Jaggi after knowing Jaggi is innocent. Jaggi asks her to forget everything and bless him.

Jaggi tells Kokila that he got a job. Kokila feeds him kheer. Urvashi is jealous that Kokila is showering love on Jaggi. Urvashi slaps Kokila and thinks Kokila is snatching her son. She thinks why did Kokila forgive Jaggi and accept him for Gopi. Urvashi scolds Kokila. Gopi defends Kokila and says Kokila can’t snatch anyone’s rights, you did wrong. Jaggi explains Urvashi. Jaggi finds either of Urvashi and Kokila getting annoyed with him always. Jaggi has to balance his two mothers now. Meera’s babies Naamkarann is going to happen. Modi house gets the invitation. Paridhi and Mona play the game and hide the invitation to bring new twists.


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