Helena conspires to separate Chandra Nandni


Helena provokes Nandini against Chandra. Helena is the reason for the misunderstandings between Chandra and Nandini. Nandini makes a Mukut for Malayketu’s birthday. She cries while making the Mukut by her hands.

Helena spots Nandini crying and fills her ears against Chandra. Helena then goes to Chandra and asks him to see Nandini, who is weeping for her ex lover till now. Chandra and Nandini get into an argument. Chandra asks Nandini does she love Malayketu so much, how can she cross all limits, how did she make Mukut for him. Nandini asks him what is he saying, how can he ask anything. She reminds they are enemies and asks him to go to Helena. She says you want to take revenge from me, no need to stay here. Helena sees them arguing and gets glad. Will Chandra know Helena’s truth? Keep reading.



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