High Five Spoilers

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Udaan: Bhaiya ji makes an entry in Chakor’s birthday and feeds her cake. Chakor thinks how did he become great to come for her birthday. Chakor is worried and asks Imli to keep an eye on him. Tejaswini argues with Bhaiya ji and asks him to leave.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Sonakshi’s parents came to Dev’s house. Mami blames them for framing Dev and getting 5 lakhs from him. Sonakshi’s father asks her does she think they are thief. He asks Dev to say the truth. Things go out of hands. Dev accepted the truth which Ishwari did not know. Ishwari always got hurt by Dev’s move to hide truth. Ishwari thought Saurabh asked money from Dev, but it was not true. Dev clears Sonakshi’s family name. Ishwari cries and gets emotional. Sonakshi’s father scolds Ishwari. He starts using humiliating words. Dev asks him to stop it. Sonakshi’s father continues. Dev angrily slaps Sonakshi’s father. Sonakshi gets shocked seeing this. Sonakshi’s parents walk out.


Devanshi is called unlucky by Sarla. Devanshi is troubled and goes to ask Kusum how to get rid of the ill luck. Kusum gets a plan to get rid of Devanshi easily and suggests her to sit in the fire to remove all the ill luck from her life. Devanshi gets ready to sit in the fire so that Omi and Sarla get saved by the bad luck shadow.

Kusum knows Devanshi blindly follows her. She plants the evil solution in Devanshi’s mind. Devanshi heads to the fire. However, Kusum’s plan backfires. Everyone get to know what Kusum suggested Devanshi to do. Kusum’s name gets spoiled and she falls in trouble. Devanshi tries to help Kusum, but unknowingly hurts Kusum.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Rani is upset with Nawab. He gets angry and asks her to sleep beside him, after doubting with her. Iqbal doubts Rani is meeting Raja. He wants to stick to her as her shadow. Rani says she can’t be with him before marriage. He does not listen to her. Rani attacks him with a knife. Iqbal holds her hand and stops her. Rani is tolerating all this. She wants to remove Iqbal from her life. Iqbal is smart and knows Rani’s moves.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira and Kartik meet during their morning walk. They have a romantic time. Naira teases him by flirting and getting away. Kartik runs after her to stop her. They both workout and compete. Kartik wants to convert all his dreams into reality. Kartik tells Naira about his dreams. Kartik cheats to win in the pushup counts. Naira beats him. Kartik says I wanted to show you the ring design, but I will not show it now. She checks his bag to see the ring. Kartik stops her from seeing the engagement ring. The families are happy and doing arrangements for Kartik and Naira’s engagement.

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