P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke — Imaan loses Salim


Salim’s surgery gets successful. Nazneen informs Imaan about it. Imaan gets glad and wants to meet Salim. Salim shares a talk with Nazneen and Imaan. Suddenly, Salim’s condition gets worse. Doctors try to save Salim, but fail.

Salim dies, which becomes a big grief for Nazneen and Imaan. Khan family cries for Salim’s death and recall the time spent with him. Salim’s golden words and bond are remembered. Sartaj could not meet Indira and heads back home. He gets to know about Harleen going out of home to find him. Sartaj finds Harleen locked inside the car and unconscious. He breaks the window and gets Harleen out of the car. He gets Harleen home. Sartaj panics and asks the family members not to go out.


Salim’s funeral is carried out. Khan family shatters in tears. Sartaj visits Imaan. Satpal informs Sartaj about calls on their landline from unknown numbers. Sartaj asks the family to disconnect the landline and not answer any calls. Vikram and Indira discuss what is Imaan upto. Imaan realizes his move to throw the bomb away and save NSA had led to Salim’s death. He gets guilty realizing Salim was poisoned after the surgery. The grief strikes Imaan deeply. Satpal suggests they should call police. Sartaj does not agree to seek police help. Imaan decides to tell Nazneen and Vikram about the secrets he has been hiding. Sartaj stops Imaan and tells him something shocking. What will Imaan and Sartaj do now? Keep reading.


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