Shwetlana plans her settling entry in Oberoi mansion


Dadi praises Shivay’s love for Omkara and Rudra. Tej finds Shivay selfish. Pinky gets irked. Tej says I have done much hard work to make Oberoi empire, and now Shivay has gone ahead by business merger, so I also want a business merger.

Pinky calls him jealous of Shivay’s prosperity. Pinky and Tej get into an argument. Dadi tries to stop them. Pinky gets angry and defends Shivay. Tej stays adamant on his decision. He says I m not jealous of Shivay, I want Omkara to prosper, business deals happen by business relations. Omkara says I don’t use relations as stairs. Tej shows the reality to Omkara. Omkara clears out that surname does not matter to him, he will make his identity by his talent. Tej and Omkara’s argument continues long.

Tej compares Omkara with Shivay, and asks him how did Shivay go so much ahead when they have everything in common. He asks Omkara to learn from Shivay, who married Anika to save family respect. He asks how did Shivay make a big compromise and left all his dreams and standards, just for family’s sake. Tej says Shivay did not care for Anika’s family background, but Omkara is self-centered. Omkara asks Tej not to drag Shivay and Anika in their discussion. Tej scolds Omkara, while Jhanvi supports her son. She asks him not to compare Omkara with Shivay.

Pinky jumps in middle of the argument. Dadi gets upset seeing the family shaking up for business profits. Jhanvi asks Tej not to get desperate for a business deal. Tej recalls his dreams of major success in Oberoi business. He falls in Shwetlana’s trap, feeling just she can understand him and his dreams. He wants to seek Shwetlana’s help. She has suggested him to make Omkara marry to Chadda’s daughter.

Tej was following Shwetlana’s ideas to succeed. Omkara asks Tej not to do anything for him. He says Tej can never buy him, as he is not on sale. Tej goes to slap Omkara. Jhanvi argues with Tej to stop him. Tej gets heartbroken seeing his son not supporting him. He blames Jhanvi for spoiling Omkara. Tej and Jhanvi get into an argument because of Omkara. Tej decides to leave the house, as no one is supporting him. Meanwhile, Tia’s helper damages the CCTV camera and works out his crime. He damages the car brakes. Tej leaves from the house in his car, while Tia’s helper has failed the breaks. Shwetlana risks her life to save Tej, and gets an entry in Oberoi mansion. Anika alerts Shivay about the attacks. Shivay promises to always be with her. How will Anika protect Oberois? Keep reading.


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