Tejaswini alerts Chakor against Bhaiya ji’s plans in Udaan


Chakor tells Suraj not to come back to Aazaadgunj and is sure to manage everything alone. Chakor shows Suraj’s message to Bhaiya ji, and states Suraj has boarded his flight for Dubai. She angers Bhaiya ji by showing him the mirror of truth that he can never catch Suraj now.

Bhaiya ji gets angry and orders a bomb to kill Chakor. Girja hears Bhaiya ji’s plans. She rushes to inform Tejaswini that Bhaiya ji is planning to kill Chakor on her birthday. Tejaswini thinks to stop Chakor from going to haveli. Chakor reaches haveli to get her bags and belongings. Tejaswini comes there following Chakor to take her back. Bhaiya ji makes Tejaswini panic by sharing his plans to kill Chakor.


Chakor gets Suraj’s notes and goes to find the hidden gifts. Chakor enjoys the treasure hunting planned by Suraj. Tejaswini tells Chakor about Bhaiya ji’s plans to kill her. Chakor gets alert. Pooja gifts a shirt to Vivaan on his birthday and hugs him. Imli sees them and gets jealous.


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