Chandra Nandni — Black magic twist


Malayketu’s Abhishek is done. Everyone wish him on his birthday. Chandra feeds him sweets. Helena is planning to create misunderstanding between Chandra and Nandini using Malayketu. She has made Nandini make Mukut for Malayketu.

She asks Nandini to make him wear the Mukut/crown. Helena wants to create such situation that Chandra thinks Nandini and Malayketu love each other. Helena makes excuse that her hand is aching, and makes Nandini do the rituals. She sends Durdhura to rest and then tells Chandra about Nandini. She hides a letter in the basket and makes it fall in front of Chandra. Chandra gets annoyed with Nandini. Helena wants to take revenge from Nandini, as Nandini snatches her true love. Chandra and Nandini will come closer by Helena’s plannings failing out, but before that happens, there will be big change in Nandini’s behavior by the black magic done on her. Helena provokes Nandini and gets slapped by Nandini.



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