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Ishqbaaz: Tia and Shwetlana plan something to put blame on Jhanvi. Shwetlana is angered seeing Tej and Jhanvi’s relation revived. Shwetlana wants to gain sympathy from Oberoi family.

Tia leaves Shwetlana near the staircase. Shwetlana intentionally falls down the staircase, while being on the wheelchair. Jhanvi sees her and gets shocked. She rushes to help Shwetlana. Anika feels Tia and Shwetlana can harm Shivay and worries. Shivay is much worried for the house security loopholes and feels security is the reason for whatever is happening around.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Rani gets tearful eyed and asks Raja why did he not understand when she explained since many days. She says Kaal has killed her mother, and now she has hatred in her heart for him. Rani is made helpless by Nawab to shoot Raja. Nawab aims gun at Rani, and forces her to shoot. Rani shoots Raja and tells how much she hates Raja. Raja’s mother gets in between to save Raja. Raja asks his mother to leave, as this fight is between him and Rani. Raja’s mother asks Rani to shoot her also. Raja says if my mother gets hurt, I will kill you Rani. Rajmata makes an entry in a truck. She makes Raja run away. Rani called Rajmata there to save Raja.


Raghav and Naina are living separated after Veer and Sanjana created misunderstandings between them. Asha is very much worried, after Rajeev is arrested by police. Raghav comes to help Naina’s family. Rajeev is blamed for theft.

Dadi meets Rajeev at police station and asks him not to get scared if he is innocent, but if the blame on him is true, then she will not save him. Rajeev blames Sudha and Pam for the theft. Sudha asks Dadi how can he listen to Rajeev. Naina and Raghav console Asha. Raghav and Naina’s relation suffers because of Rajeev. Raghav gives statement against Rajeev. He tells inspector that he has seen Rajeev leaving from the office at night when the theft happened. Rajeev calls Raghav a liar and tells Naina not to believe Raghav.

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Kokila cries and is sad about Urvashi’s slap and accusations. Gopi gets food for Kokila. She tries to change Kokila’s mood. She tells about Meera’s babies naamkarann. She asks Kokila what did she get for her, when she got gifts for everyone.

Kokila says how can this happen that I don’t get gift for you. She gifts her a beautiful saree and asks her to wear it in naamkarann function. Gopi thanks and hugs Kokila. They get ready to go in Naamkarann function. Jaggi asks Urvashi not to go in function, as he does not want any more issues at home.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Purab brings Abhi and Pragya close. Pragya’s love has made Abhi helpless. Abhi can’t stay away from Nikita, even after knowing Nikita and Purab’s relation. Abhi could not believe the matter. He does not understand his feelings for Pragya. He thinks whether he loves Nikita or not. Purab and Pragya’s plan to make Abhi jealous is succeeding. Purab kept the competition. Pragya and Abhi are asked questions. Abhi and Pragya win the competition by answering things about each other. They perform at the end of the competition.


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