Light moments and celebrations for Modis in Saathiya…


Kokila cries and is sad about Urvashi’s slap and accusations. Gopi gets food for Kokila. She tries to change Kokila’s mood. She tells about Meera’s babies naamkarann. She asks Kokila what did she get for her, when she got gifts for everyone.

Kokila says how can this happen that I don’t get gift for you. She gifts her a beautiful saree and asks her to wear it in naamkarann function. Gopi thanks and hugs Kokila. They get ready to go in Naamkarann function. Jaggi asks Urvashi not to go in function, as he does not want any more issues at home. Gopi falls from the staircase and Jaggi holds her. Jaggi could not balance her and falls. They both laugh. They have a romantic moment. Urmila’s hair get stuck in cupboard. Everyone try to open the cupboard. Jaggi cuts Urmila’s hair to free her. Urmila cries as her hair got short. They all console her to stop crying. Modi family then heads for attending Meera’s babies’ naamkarann function. What drama will Gaura do in naming ceremony? Keep reading.



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