Anika gets saved by Shwetlana’s deadly trick in Ishqbaaz


Shwetlana and Tia get a perfect chance to kill Anika. Shwetlana and Tia plan to kill Anika by adding the dangerous chemical in Anika’s liquid food. They hear Shivay telling Anika about making coffee for her. Shwetlana gets the chemical.

Shwetlana hides on seeing Rudra. Tia stops Rudra by acting of foot sprain. Rudra asks her to take rest. Shwetlana disappears till Tia makes Rudra busy. Shwetlana and Tia add the chemical in the coffee. Tia gets nervous and drops some chemical on the floor. Shwetlana asks her to be careful. She asks Tia to see how strong is the chemical, Anika will die drinking this. They hear Shivay coming and hide. Anika comes to Shivay and shows the blush makeup. She says i have understood the meaning of blush. Shivay laughs on her newly gained knowledge. He asks her to have coffee. He teaches her to have coffee the right way. The coffee falls on the magazine.

The magazine gets burnt. Shivay and Anika reach the coffee and figure out that its a chemical. Anika tests it on a plant, which gets burnt by the chemical. She asks Shivay does he believe her now, his life is in danger, someone wants to kill him, that culprit is in this house. She asks him to say something. She gets worried for him, and asks him to think if the culprit succeeded in attempt then…. Shivay promises he will find the culprit and not leave her ever.

Shivay tells Rudra and Omkara about Anika’s doubts. He says Anika was right, chemical in coffee machine can’t be an accident. Omkara says someone in this house is targeting you, that person is much clever to stay in our house and attacking Shivay, we will find it out. Shivay determines to punish that person. The brothers decide to find out who is doing this.

Later on, Anika receives Shwetlana’s medicines and goes to give her. Shwetlana is sure that Anika will die by having coffee. Tia praises Shwetlana to cleverly come between Tej and Jhanvi so easily. Anika comes there and knocks. Shwetlana panics and hides instead lying on the bed. Tia lies in Shwetlana’s place and covers herself. Anika keeps medicines. She sees Shwetlana’s burnt sandal on the floor, and thinks how did the sandal burnt. She understand Shwetlana is trying to harm Shivay. Before Anika could blame Shwetlana, the latter plays safe and risks her life to gain sympathy by Jhanvi and everyone. How will Anika prove out Shwetlana’s evil? Keep reading.


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