Anika tries to mend broken relations in Oberoi family


Omkara is angered at Tej, for bringing Shwetlana back home. Anika gets food for Omkara. Omkara could not make the good sketch and throws it. Anika asks him to make his mood proper by having food, then the sketches will come out fine.

Omkara refuses to have food. Anika tries to divert his mind by telling about Sahil. She makes Omkara share his heart out. Omkara says every person is different. Anika finds it right and explains him that one can’t see their own faults, and can easily point out to other’s faults. She asks Omkara to think about Rudra, after all the younger ones get most affected by elders’ fights. She calls him lucky to have a family with whom he can fight, but she has no family. She asks him not to let his family break. She says situation will get up and down, and staying hungry is not any solution. Omkara agrees to have food and thanks her. Omkara calls her Bhabhi. Anika gets glad.

Anika asks Soumya to help her in learning English. She says Shivay’s English is so perfect, whenever he uses tough words, I will come and ask you. Soumya asks her to ask anything. Anika says if anyone says you are blushing, what does blush mean. Soumya gets blush and shows her. Anika asks is this blush. Soumya says blush is applied on cheeks. Anika wonders Shivay knows about make up also. She gets relieved after knowing blush meaning and thinks to answer Shivay.

Anika calls Shivay and says I solved the big problem, I found out the meaning of blush, what’s my prize now. Shivay says I will make espresso for you as a prize. Anika gets eager to try espresso made by Shivay.

On the other hand, Randhawa stays close to Priyanka to secure her. He meets her at her college. He says I did not save you as I worry for you, I saved you as I don’t want anyone to touch you. He can’t see anyone misbehaving with Priyanka. Priyanka is tensed and does not like his torturing. Randhawa wants to marry her, and tells about some movie which resembles their situation. Priyanka believes Randhawa, as he has saved her. Will Randhawa abandon his revenge motives? Keep reading.


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