Pihu’s entry adds up a new mystery in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman and Ishita call Suhail home to know his truth. Ishita makes water fall on Suhail. Raman insists Suhail to change his shirt. They don’t see any tattoo on his hand. Ishita doubts Suhail to be the blackmailer after meeting his relative who had save tattoo.

Ruhi gets annoyed and asks Raman and Ishita how can they think Suhail can do this. Suhail gets annoyed with them and leaves. Ruhi and Raman go to apologize to Suhail. Raman was also doubting Suhail by believing Ishita. They intentionally planned this to check Suhail. Ruhi blindly believes Suhail. Ruhi asks Ishita is she sure now that Suhail is not that culprit. Ishita goes to see Pihu. Pihu hugs Ishita and asks her not to leave her. Ishita does not know why is Pihu scared. Raman is focusing on Ruhi, while Ishita is worried for Pihu.

Pihu has seen Ruhi and Suhail, meeting the blackmailer. She is the witness of blackmailer’s murder. She has seen the murder and gets bad dreams. Pihu could not tell this to Ishita. Raman stops Ruhi from going to meet Suhail. He says I will come along. Ruhi asks Raman not to come, and reaches Suhail to convince him. Suhail expresses anger and says how Raman and Ishita badly treated him. Ruhi says it was a misunderstanding, and asks him to stop. Ruhi gets hurt and argues with Ishita and Raman.


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