Anjali fails to fulfill responsibilities right in Sasural Simar Ka


Amar asks Piyush to tell his feelings to Vaidehi. Piyush and Vaidehi fly kites and cut Roshni’s kite. Roshni calls Vaidehi shameless and scolds her for taking Piyush away from her. Piyush gets angry and slaps Roshni. Piyush announces to the family that he loves Vaidehi. He proposes Vaidehi in front of everyone.

Meanwhile, Simar asks Anjali to take Papa ji out. Anjali says it does not matter if I take you out on wheelchair, but its Simar’s order. She gets her friend’s call and leaves Papa ji. Papa ji’s wheelchair proceeds towards the staircase and is about to fall. Simar holds the wheelchair on time and saves Papa ji. She gets angry on Anjali for being careless. Anjali did not do this intentionally. Simar tells Anjali that Vikram will leave her if anything happened to Papa ji. Simar asks Anjali how can she be so irresponsible. Simar says till when we will cover your mistakes. Vikram sees his dad and gets worried. Anjali makes a story and lies to Vikram. Simar asks Anjali to realize her responsibilities.


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