Dadi plays cupid for Naina and Raghav in Pardes


Naina misses Raghav and sheds tears thinking of him. Raghav too misses her. He comes to meet her and asks her to come home. Naina refuses and asks for divorce. They both don’t realize their feelings for each other.

Raghav tells Naina that Dadi wants Naina to come back home and stay till Veer and Sanjana’s marriage gets done. Naina agrees to go with him just for Dadi’s sake. Naina keeps a condition asking Raghav to free Rajeev from jail. Raghav asks her to prove Rajeev innocent. Asha cries and is worried for Rajeev. She leaves food and her health gets deteriorated.


Naina and Raghav give their relation 7 days time to see if misunderstandings get cleared. This is their last hope to save their relation. Naina comes back with Raghav to stay in Mehra house. She makes Rangoli and decorates the house. Raghav tries to impress her. He gifts her flowers. He wants to save his marriage. He does not know what he feels for Naina.

Naina has come back on Dadi’s request for Veer and Sanjana’s marriage. Naina does the arrangements and appears happy. During the function, Naina’s wardrobe malfunctions. Guests notice this and make fun of her. Raghav hears them and make drinks fall on them. Raghav teaches the men a lesson. Raghav takes Naina to their room.

Raghav goes to cover her up in filmi way. Naina thinks Raghav is misbehaving with her and scolds him. Raghav tells her about her wardrobe malfunction. Naina thanks him and starts believing in Raghav’s goodness again. Veer hears Naina. He insults Naina and speaks bad about her character. He taunts her to marry a servant Raghav. Naina loses her cool when Veer talks ill about Raghav. Naina slaps Veer. Naina says if I got a chance to choose between you and Raghav, I would have chosen Raghav. Dadi has become love cupid for Raghav and Sanjana. Keep reading.


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