Love realizations and deals for Naagmani next in Naagin 2


There is rain dance sequence between Rocky and Shivangi. Shivangi is in love with Rocky and expresses love. Rudra sees them together and gets jealous. Rudra started falling in love with Shivangi.

Shivangi goes to the window, and sees Rudra. Rudra realizes his feelings for Shivangi. Rudra has intention that Shivangi does not get diverted from her aim. He tries to make her realize that Naagmani has gone, and wants her to remember her motives. Mahish makes an entry and meets Rocky. He says I know Shivangi’s truth, she is a Nagina, she is a perfect bahu, lover and wife. He knows Shivangi is a Naagin and threatens to tell this truth to Rocky.

On the other hand, Mahish and Sesha have an argument. Mahish holds her neck and shows his hatred for her. Sesha goes to Mahish to take Naagmani and tries to get it by using her charm. Sesha and Mahish have a deal. Mahish agrees to her deal. Mahish is happy as he has Naagmani with him. He tells Sesha that he will get Rocky for her, and she has to help him and find the eighth killer. Avantika, Sesha and Yamini make a plan to get Naagmani from Mahish. Yamini and Avantika do not know that Sesha has double crossed them, and did the deal with Mahish. Sesha has failed Yamini’s plan. Who will win among Yamini, Sesha, Mahish and Shivangi? Keep reading.



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