New entry during KaiRa’s engagement surprises all in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik and Naira don’t get chance to talk. They get under the table and greet each other as strangers. Their cute nok jhok continues. He gets a ring and makes her wear it. Mishti comes there and interrupts them.

Mishti gets Kartik out of the table. Naitik is much happy for Naira and Kartik’s engagement. Naitik misses Akshara. Gayu and Kirti plan games to bring more enjoyable moments in the engagement. There is shubh bhoj after the engagement ceremony. Everyone sits down and have food in traditional way. Goenkas don’t like the idea of dining by sitting on the floor. Goenkas tell Singhanias that they did not do this ever, and always dine on the table.

Kartik saves Singhanias’ efforts and sits down first saying I m very hungry and want to have food. Kartik’s family agrees to sit down and have food only for Kartik’s sake. Dadi does not like the oily food. Varsha serves fruits to Dadi. Kartik has chosen Naira. Dadi does not like love marriage concept, and is annoyed knowing Kartik wants to live alone and not with Goenkas after marriage. Dadi shows annoyance in every matter. Naira adds a chit in kachori for Kartik.

Manish gets the kachori and also the chit. Manish reads the chit and laughs aloud reading Naira’s chit. Everyone gets surprised seeing Manish laughing happily for the first time. Suwarna gets hope from Naira for bringing happiness in her family.

Dadi hugs Naira and Kartik, and blesses them. Naira has to make place in Dadi’s heart. There is a twist in the show. Kirti’s husband makes an entry in the engagement ceremony. Everyone gets surprised and happy seeing him. Kartik hugs him and introduces his fiancee Naira. Kirti’s husband will be the new villain in the show. He shows he is a loving husband, but is actually a bad one. Kirti’s husband tortures her. She did not tell her family this truth, and holds a good image of her husband. Naira will be exposing him in upcoming track.


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