Rudra fails to find out Tia’s secrets in Ishqbaaz


Rudra and Sahil try to expose Tia. Sahil gets Tia’s phone and asks Rudra to come and check the phone. Sahil says Tia’s secrets will be in her phone. Rudra asked Sahil for the phone. He gets glad to know Sahil succeeded in the work.

Sahil gets the phone for him, but Rudra could not check anything as the phone has lock code. Tia comes and asks for her phone. Tia snatches her phone. She does not want Rudra to find her connection with Shwetlana. Rudra takes her phone. Rudra and Sahil bother Tia and do not give her phone back. Rudra asks Sahil to run with the phone. Soumya makes Tia’s phone fall in water. She apologizes to Tia.

The phone falls in the pool. Tia gets shocked. Rudra could find Tia’s secrets. On the other hand, Omkara asks Shivay why did he not tell him about the video. Shivay says this video does not mean anything.

Omkara says its big thing, everything changed after this video. Shivay says its nothing, delete it. Anika asks Shivay what’s there in the video. Omkara says I got this from confirmed source. Shivay says its rubbish. Anika says I want to see it. Shivay stops her from seeing it. Om asks why can’t Anika see the video, when her husband has won best businessman award. Shivay gets relieved as he was thinking of some other video. Om asks Shivay why did he not tell this. Shivay says Tej was winning this award since 15 years. Omkara says this time the award is coming in right hands, I m proud of you. What’s worrying Shivay? Keep reading.


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