Shivay-Anika’s moments of understanding in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Finally Shivay accepts his marital bond

Tia and Anika get into a verbal clash again. Tia acts cool and relaxed. Anika asks Tia is she mad to trouble Shivay and get herself insulted. Tia asks Anika why is she here after Shivay signed divorce papers, where did her self-respect go now.

Anika tells about her and Shivay’s relation, which is true and honest, made by trust and respect. She gives good teachings to Tia about relations. She says I don’t need anything from Shivay, I want to see him happy, knowing he has a heart which is concerned for everyone, I can’t see bad happening with him, I m here to save him from you. Tia says Shivay will become mine very soon. I will love seeing you cry. Anika asks Tia to think of her baby than using it. She asks Tia to spend time with her real husband and think of her own family.

Tia thinks of Dushyant’s death and breaks down. Anika says none can love your child than his real father, you are doing wrong with your husband, baby and yourself. Tia shouts on Anika angrily. She loses balance and is about to fall. Anika holds her and saves her from getting hurt, which could probably harm her child as well.

Shivay happens to see Anika saving Tia. Anika’s hand bleeds by the sharp-pointed statue. Shivay gets tensed while doing aid to Anika’s wound. He asks her to be prepared, as this will get burning sensation. Anika finds him more scared. Shivay asks her to focus. He also focuses.

Anika says ointment needs to be applied today itself. She applies it herself. He blows on her hand. She laughs when he screams. She tells him that he is getting hurt by her wound. He accepts he is feeling hurt by her wound. Anika tells Shivay that she had to save Tia’s baby. Shivay says you dislike Tia, but you are concerned for her baby. Anika says why should children pay for parents’ mistake, its tough for a child to raise without parents, every child should get both parents, nothing is worse than being an orphan. Anika shares her loneliness with Shivay. Shivay feels her pain. She speaks out the pain she went through each day since her childhood. Shivay comforts her.


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