Yamini gets attacked instead Mahish in Naagin 2


Shivangi understands she is a Naagin and can’t fall in love with a human, but she has fallen in love with Rocky. Shivangi sees Rocky sleeping and keeps the book and glasses away. She hugs him. She is worried that her love can become a problem for him. She thinks what to do and how to tell Rocky that I love him a lot. She is scared to step ahead in love. She does not know Rocky madly loves her.

Rocky talks in sleep and asks Shivangi not to leave him ever. Shivangi gets emotional hearing him. She promises she will be with him always. Mahish has become big trouble for Shivangi and is eager to kill her. The coming time is much problematic for Shivangi.


Meanwhile, Sesha and Avantika get worried seeing Yamini acting weird. Sesha has prepared an injection for Mahish. Sesha has told Yamini that Mahish will fall down by this injection. Yamini was thinking Mahish will be out of her way now. Sesha goes to Mahish to talk to him and give him the injection. Just then, Yamini unknowingly slips and gets injected instead Mahish. Yamini screams. Mahish asks what happened. Yamini makes bull sounds. Sesha and Avantika take Yamini to room, and think they can’t take Yamini to hall. They fool Mami about the bull sounds echoing. Rocky pushes Shivangi on the floor. Yamini asks why did you push my bahu. Rocky tells everyone the truth that Shivangi is an Icchadhaari Naagin, who wants to kill all of us. What will Shivangi do now? Keep reading.


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