Bhaiya ji to dig valley of doubt between SuKor in Udaan


Chakor and Imli run the manual motor pump to get some water for Suraj. Bhaiya ji laughs and enjoys the girls’ state. Imli’s feet bleeds, but she does not stop running. Bhaiya ji and Ragini are the ones who are troubling everyone.

Imli sees Suraj in such a bad state. Chakor has taken help from Imli. Vivaan will also come forward to help Suraj. Chakor failed to get the water. Imli runs for two hours and gets half bottle of water. Suraj is not given water and food since 2 days. Bhaiya ji keeps the condition that Suraj can drink the water, which can be extracted from the well.

Bhaiya ji wants to kill Suraj by hunger. Chakor thinks there is something behind this, as she is a marathon winner and could not the water from the pump motor. Suraj also doubts that there is something wrong. Bhaiya ji is trying to divide Suraj and Chakor, by creating misunderstandings between them. Bhaiya ji makes Suraj doubt on Chakor’s intentions. Imli gets the water for Suraj and makes him drink. Chakor tries to make Suraj drink water. Suraj’s servant stops her. Suraj gets angry and beats his servant, who betrayed him.


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