Aladin’s re-entry surprises Avni in Naamkarann


Avni gets Aman and takes care of him. She spends time with him and is happy. She wants to fulfill her promise to Asha. Neela comes back home from the police station, after Avni’s kidnapping blame on her gets cleared. Neela wants to give Avni a good status at home, but Dayavanti locks Avni in the dark room again. Avni cries and prays for some angel.

Aladin has made an entry back in Avni’s life. Aladin has cheated Avni before. But, he has come back as Avni’s supporter again. He has come as a punjabi inspector. The track will be funny and interesting. Avni hugs Aladin and asks him where did he disappear. Aladin wants to get Avni her rights. The family does not get ready to dine with Avni. Avni gets upset. She tells Aladin that she wants to find Asha’s murderer and win her fight to get her brother. How will Aladin help Avni? Keep reading.


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