Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira is celebrating Makar Sankranti in Maheshwari family. Goenkas did not invite Maheshwari in the function. Maheshwaris were upset. Singhania family comes to Maheshwari family to celebrate. Naira and Kartik came up with this idea to surprise Maheshwaris.

Maheshwaris get very happy and end their sorrow. Kartik gets even Goenka family there. Rajshri realizes Goenkas does not understand their relation with Kartik. Everyone gets happy seeing Kartik giving them respect.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ruhi lies to Ishita about the murder incident. She says she has seen a dream where someone has shot Suhail. She wants to meet Suhail. Ishita stops Ruhi from meeting Suhail. She consoles Ruhi. Ruhi insists Ishita to take her to Suhail once. Ishita tells Ruhi the truth of Suhail, that Suhail’s love is a cheat. She tells Ruhi that Niddhi is Suhail’s sister.

Ishita had to tell truth to Ruhi, as Ruhi was not stopping and going to meet Suhail in the middle of the night. Ishita had no option than revealing Suhail’s truth. Ruhi breaks down knowing everything and says I will ask Suhail why did he do this with me. Ishita comforts Ruhi. Ishita follows Suhail and reaches the jail. Niddhi is in jail, but did not change even a bit. Her hatred and revenge motives towards Bhallas is still the same. Niddhi has come back in Bhalla’s lives. Ishita meets Niddhi and scolds her. Niddhi has brought a storm in Bhalla family and tried to ruin Ruhi’s life. Ishita asks Niddhi to stay away from Ruhi.

Chandra Nandni:

Nandini goes to give a beautiful gift to Moora on her birthday. There are misunderstandings, by which there is tension. Nandini is in fix as she could not give the right gift to Moora. Moora cries seeing the special gift by Nandini. Moora tells everyone that for her, Nandini’s gift is most special. Nandini gets glad. Helena gets angry and taunts Nandini. She wants to kick out Nandini from their lives. Teej function will be celebrated. Nandini does aarti and tika to Chandra. Chandra feeds her the laddoo. Chandra and Nandini do the rituals in front of elders. Moora blesses Nandini and is very happy with her.


Shivay wakes up and greets morning to Anika. Anika turns away and ignores Shivay. She hides behind the sofa. He thinks where did she go. She does not want to hear the ringing. Anika hears rings on seeing Shivay. She does not want to see Shivay often.

She is in love with Shivay. Her heart is restless and could not speak out her love confession to her. Shivay sees her running away and thinks what’s happening. She tries to avoid him, as she does not want to fall weak seeing Shivay.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Inspector tells Gopi that Kokila has accepted the crime. Kokila accepted the crime to attempt to kill Urvashi. Kokila and Gopi cry. Gopi gets a shock. Inspector says Kokila has given statement that she has tried to kill Urvashi in all her senses. Gopi has got the bail papers for Kokila. But, Kokila will get punishment, instead bail. Gopi says Kokila can’t do this. She can’t believe Kokila can do this. Gopi says till Kokila tells this to me, I will not believe this, I have to meet her. Jaggi is also in shock. Kokila is true and waits for miracle to happen. Gopi assures Kokila that she will catch the culprit who has attacked Urvashi. She asks Kokila not to worry.


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