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Kasam: Tanuja has reached the Kali Maa temple. She gets memory flashes and faints. She recalls the past and her love story with Rishi. She gets conscious and remember Tanu and Rishi’s vows of love. Tanuja accepts she is Tanu after she can relate to all incidents of Tanu’s life.

She is very happy to recall her past. She gets excited and tells the temple lady that she is Rishi’s Tanu. The old lady Katyani gives a bad news to Tanuja. Katyani tells Tanuja about Rishi’s kundli truth, that Rishi and Tanu can never unite. She warns Tanuja to be away from Rishi, else it will be dangerous for her.


Ragini keeps the food plate away from Suraj. She teases him and asks him to take the food. Suraj is tortured a lot. He is being helpless. He can’t do anything now. Chakor helps Suraj. Bhaiya ji and Ragini are trying new things to trouble Suraj.

Tejaswini meets Suraj and cries seeing his state. She says this devil has done this with you. Suraj consoles her and asks her not to cry. Tejaswini says my son’s state got so worse and cries holding him. She apologizes that she could not help him. She feels it’s the curse affecting him as she has made many bandhuas before, so she is seeing her son as bandhua today. He asks her not to blame herself, as it’s not her mistake, Bhaiya ji is punishing me for my deeds. She asks him to have courage so that he can face Bhaiya ji.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Dev has lost his happiness. His heart is crying. He is annoyed with Ishwari. He holds Ishwari responsible for everything. Dev and Sonakshi are separated. Dev feels he is unlucky to lose his love.

He tells Ishwari that he trusted her a lot, and Ishwari did not support him in his decision to marry the girl he loves. He says you made the prenup papers and did not ask my decision. He says I will just take care of myself and not anyone else, I don’t care for anyone now. Dev is angry on her mother, because of the past. He asks Ishwari not to handle him when he shatters, as she has told this to him before.


Raghav confronts Veer for trapping Naina. She asks Veer to confess the truth that he framed Naina and that Naina did not send him any messages. Veer shouts yes, I have trapped Naina and defamed her. Raghav gets angry.

Veer says I lied to you that she is interested in me, I made you against her, now she is dead, so this does not matter. Raghav tells Veer that Naina is alive and this was all his plan to record Veer’s confession, Naina can’t come back as ghost. Veer gets a shock. Raghav’s plan works well. Veer breaks down by the ghost fear. He confesses everything in front of Raghav. He forgets that Naina and Raghav are much clever than him.


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