Anika’s panicky confession goes unheard in Ishqbaaz


Anika takes Shivay back to the house to secure him from the storm. Anika asks Shivay to get conscious. Sahil makes Tia arrange his books and makes her busy so that he can get her phone. Rudra and Sahil manage to fool Tia. Rudra takes her phone and she does not observe it. Rudra and Sahil get happy.

Anika calls up Rudra and tells him that Shivay fainted by the dust storm. Rudra gets worried. He tells her that Shivay is allergic to dust. She asks him to say what she can do immediately for his aid. Rudra suggests her to get Shivay’s medicines from the car, it will be relief for him. Anika recalls how the medicine pouch fell down. She leaves to get medicines and gets hurt. She does not care for herself and succeeds in getting medicines.

She finds medicines, but does not know which medicines will work on him for settling his allergy. She calls up Rudra and asks him which medicine to give Shivay. Rudra helps her out. Anika feeds the medicine to Shivay. Seeing him not responding, Anika worries and speaks out her feelings to him. She asks Shivay to please get up for her sake, as she loves him a lot. She asks him not to end their love story before the beginning. Anika could not live without Shivay. She tells him that she got habitual to him, and she would just die if anything happens to him. In her panicky state, she confesses love to an unconscious Shivay. She asks him to prove his life’s worth is not so cheap. She reminds his promise. Anika revives Shivay back to life by her love. Shivay gets conscious and sees her injured hand. He worries for her injury. She cries out her pain and tells him what she felt, the horrible feeling of losing him. Shivay maintains that his life will not go easily. He has kept his promise. Anika hugs Shivay in an intense moment. Keep reading.


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